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The Jump Off Beat Battle
The Jump Off Beat Battle of 2017 is back with special guests made in Michigan. Music lovers mark your calendar for an epic night to see some of your favorite producers battle it out. Event Page Coming Soon!
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Download/Stream this fantastic album at your favorite outlets: Amazon, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Google Play, iTunes, Soundcloud, and Spotify! Click the link below to get started.
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Album Release
Sareem Poems & Terem
July 28, 2017 AOTA's Sareem Poems will release his newest project with producer Terem Beats on Illect Records. Give your ears a gift receive singles Walk & Talk and BREATHE when you PRE-ORDER the record at the link below! Watch for videos coming soon!
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Mikeyy Austin ft. Sareem Poems
Supa-Fly ft. Sareem Poems. Supa-Fly is the second single off of the new album, L I F T E D.
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AOTA's Own Nominated for top of the town top 5
Mikeyy Austin
Congratulations Mikeyy Austin on being nominated for top of the town top 5!
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All of the Above Creative was established in 2010 by recording artist and educator Ozay Moore. Driven by the idea of being responsible with one’s position of influence in society, he sought out like minded individuals to spearhead a movement that uses Hip Hop culture to positively impact social change. This became a collective of artists and Hip Hop advocates that represent the broad spectrum of disciplines within Hip Hop culture. The crew not only seeks out opportunities to advance their craft but more importantly to empower the community through the arts and mentoring youth. All of the Above Creative has successfully built a Hip Hop Academy in the ReoTown District of Lansing and at Ottawa Hills High School in Grand Rapids. AOTA offers youth courses in Breaking, Emceeing, Writing (Graffiti Art), Deejaying, and Beatmaking/Music Production. AOTA’s classes are hosted by various members and teach dynamic lesson plans in foundation, technique and responsible social application.

As a collective with accolades ranging from international tours with global fan bases to local life-long Hip Hop advocation, each member of AOTA has a desire to positively impact their community. All of The Above Creative pushes to be the change they want to see.

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